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Sugar cubes
We all know that fizzy drinks are bad for our teeth, but did you know that things like cereals and dried fruit can also cause acid attacks on your teeth? This time we’ve put our heads together to come up with our top list of hidden sugars that are damaging our teeth. 
There’s a reason that we were told not to eat too many sweets when we were growing up. Every time you eat something sugary, the sugar reacts with the plaque in your mouth producing harmful acids that can damage your teeth. But apart from the obvious, what else is secretly attacking the health of your teeth? 
Whilst soup is a healthy lunch, they can sometimes be packed full of hidden sugars to offset the acidity caused by the high vegetable count, particularly if it is a tomato soup. 
Salad Dressing 
A surprising fact for a lot of people is that salad dressing is bad for your teeth. Not only can it be very high in fat, it can also be very high in sugar, so the next time you contemplate a healthy salad for your lunch, ditch the dressing and think of your teeth! 
Most people think of a simple bag of crisps as an easy savoury snack. We know it isn’t a healthy snack as they are often very high in fat, but your daily bag of crisps is actually another hidden sugar culprit. Crisps are even said to be worse for your teeth than chocolate. This is because it takes so long for the starchy carbohydrates to break down in between your teeth, meaning that the acid in your mouth is attacking the teeth for even longer than if you ate the equivalent in calories in chocolate. 
For many across the UK, a portion of yoghurt topped with some berries is their healthy way to start the day. Sadly it isn’t so healthy for their teeth! Choose unsweetened Greek yoghurt to protect your teeth and stay away from sweetened or flavoured yoghurts as much as possible. 
Most people are shocked to learn that bread is another hidden sugar culprit, but it is! Supermarket sandwiches often have added sugar in them to sweeten “the bitter taste”
As with a lot of different types of food available today, the public is learning that there is a cost to convenience and that the best (and cheapest) way to live a healthy lifestyle is to prepare your food yourself. This way you know exactly what you are eating and can monitor levels of sugars and fats exactly. 
It is important to know that the World Health Organization advises that adults should not exceed more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day
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