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Dreams about teeth
Everyone has this dream at some point in their life and as funny as it can sound when you talk your loved one through your dream the next morning, dreaming about losing teeth can be something of a nightmare! As scary as it might be, what does it mean? 
Losing your teeth is a common dream theme and there are many explanations for it depending on what happens in the dream. Whether they all start crumbling into dust, or fall out one by one it’s an extremely unsettling experience and can leave you desperately trying to fathom what was going on for some time afterwards. 
Apparently dreams about the teeth or mouth area generally are connected to your ability to communicate. Allegedly, if you have been dreaming that your teeth have been crumbling away into nothing that means that you have been experiencing ‘weak speech’, i.e., after an argument, or an occasion where you weren’t able to properly present your point. 
Dreams where your teeth fall out one by one mean that you wish you could go back and say something you wish you had never said. But if you dream that your teeth all fall out at once then this indicates that you are going through a period of loss, for example, after the death of a loved one, or after the end of a significant relationship, the loss of a job or even a home. 
If you dream that your teeth fall out all at once then that is often symbolic of someone who speaks too much or someone wishing they hadn’t put their foot in their mouth, i.e., that cringey feeling where you wish the ground would swallow you up after you’ve just said something rather awkward or inappropriate. It can also mean that you are very conscious about your appearance and how attractive you are to others
Additional interpretations of dreams where you see your toothless-self staring right back at you from a mirror include: powerlessness, health issues, fears or concerns about death, that you are about to come into some money and, for the Chinese, that you have been telling lies
During the Covid lockdowns, many people suffered with strange anxiety-induced dreams and whether or not you believe in any or all of the potential interpretations for dreams about losing teeth, it is reassuring to remember that no matter how disturbing, upsetting, vivid and lifelike your dreams might be, they are ultimately just that, just a dream. 
If you are interested in understanding your dreams then it might be good idea to try keeping a dream journal where you write down how you have been feeling at the end of the day and then write down what you remember about your dreams in the morning. This is a great way to keep track of how you have been feeling and to try to connect your dreams with what has been going on in your life. 
To avoid worrying dreams about your teeth falling out due to tooth decay, gum disease, etc. we recommend maintaining good oral hygiene and cleaning your teeth twice a good for two minutes with a fluoride enriched toothpaste, and, of course, attending your biannual dental check-up
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