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Diolaze XL™ Laser Hair Removal The upgraded, second-generation laser hair removal system! Arrange your laser hair removal appointment in Sevenoaks today.  

At Fourways aesthetics clinic we are proud to offer Laser hair removal. 

Diolaze XL™ is the upgraded, second-generation laser hair removal system from InMode and one of the most effective laser hair removal systems in the market 
today to safely and gently remove unwanted hair safely from all ALL skin types. It’s also powerful enough to properly remove any hair in all areas without 
damaging the skin. 


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From £60* 

Procedure Time 

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20-60 mins 

Recovery Time 

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Facial Laser Hair Removal 
(Include: chin, sideburns and upperlip) 
1 session £60 
6 sessions £160 
Armpit Laser Hair Removal 
1 session £60 
6 sessions £200 
Tummy Laser Hair removal 
1 session £50 
6 sessions £200 
Buttock Laser Hair Removal 
1 session £75 
6 sessions £300 
Chest or Back Laser Hair removal 
1 session £75 
6 sessions £300 
Half Leg Laser Hair Removal 
1 session £100 
6 sessions £400 
Full Leg Laser Hair Removal 
1 session £175 
6 sessions £700 
Full Bikini Laser Hair Removal 
1 session £100 
6 sessions £400 
Full Body Laser Hair Removal 
(Includes: Full leg, Full bikini, Face and under arms) 
1 session £250 
6 sessions £1000 
Add on charge 
*Any extra little areas of concern  
From £30 


Diolaze XL™ treats the areas of the body that are most commonly covered in hair, including the chest, back, arms, bikini area, legs, and stomach. It specifically targets these areas and destroys the hair follicles to keep them from growing back. The closest thing to a permanent solution for hair removal, Diolaze XL is effective for all skin types. 


Although hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving might be cheaper, in the long run, you will see more benefits save more money with Diolaze XL laser hair removal. It’s quick! Depending on which area you choose, you will only need 15-20 minutes to complete most sessions. This process eliminates your hair, causing it to grow back at a much slower pace as it destroys the hair follicles. 
It’s safe! The new Diolaze XL™ is the “gold standard” of laser hair removal devices. Although it’s one of the most powerful laser hair treatments available, it has several built-in safety mechanisms to avoid any damage to your skin and effectively rid your body of any unwanted hair. 
No more ingrown hair! While common in waxing, threading, and shaving, annoying ingrown hairs are avoided with this laser hair removal treatment. It can also treat existing ingrown hairs which makes it a fantastic choice for those prone to this uncomfortable condition. 


Diolaze XL immediately destroys hair follicles after your very first treatment. You can expect to see consistent long term results after just a few sessions of this laser hair removal treatment. Improvement to the skin’s texture and smoothness will be noticed as well. 
For optimal results, clients are recommended to purchase a course of 6 treatments for faster reduction of hair growth and hair-free skin. This may vary according to the area you wish to treat and the hair type present in that area. 


Fortunately for those always on the move, Diolaze XL™ has no required downtime! That means you can drop in for a treatment session and then head back to work or running errands immediately after. In rare cases, it’s possible to experience slight redness of the treated area. This will usually resolve itself in about 24-48 hours. 
However, there are a few aftercare instructions to keep in mind after a laser hair removal treatment, which include avoiding direct sun exposure to the treated area, making sure you wear your SPF or sunblock and keeping your skin moisturised. 
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