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Six Month Smile
Six Month Smiles is an amazing advancement in the straightening of adult teeth. 
Its based on a system of aligners and braces which is very cosmetic, almost invisible and extremely effective. It works in a similar way to traditional 'train track' braces which are bonded to your teeth and have very natural looking tooth coloured wires which your dentist will place and adjust over time to align your teeth in the shortest time possible, safely. 
It is virtually painless. Very gradual forces are applied to move teeth. You will need to see your dentist every 4 to 6 weeks for adjustments and to make sure that the teeth are moving according to plan. It is usually comfortable, taking just a few days to adjust to them. 
You might need to alter your brushing technique slightly, which your dentist will go through with you, and they will recommend brushing between your teeth using interdental brushes. 
Six month smiles has been developed for people who wish to improve the alignment of the teeth which show when we smile. The emphasis is on the cosmetic appearance of the teeth rather than the bite of the teeth at the back. It is very important, as with any brace treatment to wear a retainer to keep the new smile in its new position. You can choose a fixed retainer which is bonded onto your teeth or a removable one, but your dentist will be able to advise you best on this. 
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